Asianmedic Company, our mission is provides the innovative technology to various Partners and customer with the high quality products to safety of food and protect your Health, our test kit is simplest use in supermarket store or fresh Market, Laboratory and at Home.

Today, food safety concerns are best met with an eye toward all aspects of productions

Our growing multi of products for on –site testing assures comprehensive food safety throughout the processing chain, nature resource, Agriculture material, Chemical reagents solution your QA testing program has to meet tough cratered. It must assure food safety meet regulatory requirements and measure up to customer expectation. Most of all, it has to satisfy you own exacting standards.

  • Food industry Processing Laboratory, Institutes, Hospitals and School
  • Physico-Chemical Tests-Shelf-Life Testing
  • Analysis of Toxic Components
  • Analysis of Food Additives & FDA Requirements
  • Testing of Food-Contact Packaging, Nutrition Labeling
  • Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Testing
  • GMP Assessment/Hygiene & Sanitation Inspection
  • Food –Contact Swabs and Atmosphere Testing Food Delivery Inspection,
  • Suppliers Plant Sanitation Inspection
  • Food safety, Hygiene, Serve-Safe & HACCP Plan Verification
  • Update on products Standard and Food Safety Focus
  • Narcotic, Cosmetic and Industrial Processing Test

High technology provides users with fast, accurate east-to use test that are cost effective, require little space and minimal capital investment is committed to using these technical capabilities to develop robust test which provide value in real world situations Research and Development at Asianmedic Company isn’t restriction to only the new production but we are always searching for ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of product and services.

We cooperation with Government & Private  both local and abroad laboratories to assures the precise cluster of products with the best quality, high accurately and flexible policy 

One-stop service production, packing and shipping to customer destination by couriers, air-cargo 

If you have any comment or to be our Partnership please write your messages to us by email 

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